About Silk Biomed

Silk Biomed SL is a spin-off company of the CTB-Polytechnic University of Madrid established in December 2016 by a consolidated research group of great international reputation led by Prof. Gustavo Guinea, Director of the Centre for Biomedical Technology (CTB) of Madrid, Spain.


Silk Biomed was created after an 1 million Euros grant received by Prof. Guinea from M. Botin Foundation (Santander Bank) for the development of advanced biomaterials for biomedical applications. The objective of the company is to bring novel technological solutions from the field of the research to medical therapies.


Silk Biomed’s staff has over 30 years-long experience in Research & Development of fully biocompatible silk proteins for biomedical applications. We are experts in the fabrication of nanoparticles, gels, fibers, biofilms, sponges, as well as in their bio-functionalization with biomolecules and with stem cells. Our engineering procedures are environment-friendly.


Silk Biomed is a strong defender of equal opportunity policies in the workplace.