Silk Fibers

Silk fibers are a renewable protein biopolymer, which has the excellent mechanical properties and is also biocompatible. It is not only widely used in the textile industry but is also commonly used in medical applications. As silk fibers possess good biocompatibility and bioresorbability properties they were used in ancient times for biomedical engineering and surgical applications. Using silk fiber as a reinforcement for biopolymers could enhance the stiffness of scaffoldings and bone implants. Being a part of the fibrous protein family, silk possesses great mechanical strength, which in turn makes it suitable for use as a biomaterial. The evolution of silkworm silk started with its biomedical application as sutures for wound treatment. As silk fiber possesses excellent characteristics such as biocompatibility, absent or minimal immunogenicity, limited bacterial adhesion and controllable biodegradability, this natural biopolymer has been found to be appropriate for a variety of biomedical engineering applications