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S4B (Silk for Brain)

Silk4Brain is an advanced medical product for the therapy of brain injuries and neurodegenerative diseases (stroke, Alzheimer, Parkinson etc.).

Silk4Brain is based on silk polymers and mesenchymal stem cells. It stimulates the anti-inflammatory and neurogenic capacities of stem cells to a level that is substantially superior to respect failed classical medications. Silk4Brain is unique and has successfully passed the preclinical validation, including tolerability, safety and therapeutic efficacy.

After a stroke attack, Silk4Brain application significantly reduces the volume of the cerebral damage. Silk4Brain fosters the reorganization of the neural circuits and the consequent recovery of of the motor skills that were lost after the ischemic attack.

Silk4Brain overcomes actual limitations of classical drug and stem cell-based delivery systems. By combining the advanced technology of tissue engineering and the therapeuric properties of the stem cells, Silk4Brain is the perfect medical product for the protection and the repair of the damaged nervous system.

Silk4Brain has shown over 70% efficiency in preclinical studies. We are expecting to start clinical trials before December 2021.